Hollowild Cider is the passion of Jez Morris, who combines his love of the countryside around his home in Hollowell with his love of craft and artisan cider…


All the fruit is hand picked, washed, pressed, fermented and bottled by Jez himself in the cider house at his home in Hollowell.

Jez has made craft cider as a hobby for over 10 years, and has slowly refined and improved his process each year to home in on the type of cider that he likes to drink himself. Medium dry, sparkling and with deep, caramel flavours complimented by intense fruitiness.

Jez is passionate about using the abundant natural fruit growing in the wild and in gardens that would otherwise go to waste. This is one aspect that makes Hollowild unique and allows Hollowild to truly be a cider like no other.

After winning awards at the British Cider Championships for two different blends in 2018, Jez made the decision to turn his hobby into a small business and Hollowild – wild cider from Hollowell – was born.

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